Thursday, July 5, 2007

Scrapbook Sets

I have founds some great collections of scrapbook pages and embellishments for a scrapbooking. These lovely scrapbook kits include a great family scrapbook, gold wedding scrapbook, and a silver wedding scrapbook.

This darling family scrapbook kit includes 20 - 12" X 12" pages of 80lb premium text weight scrapbook paper, 12 resin stickers, 2 pages of rub-on stickers, and 2 packages of ribbon.

This charming gold wedding scrapbook set includes 20 - 12" x 12" 80lb text weight scrapbook pages, 12 matching layered wedding scrapbook stickers, 1 package of matching rub-ons and 1 package of matching ribbons.

This lovely silver wedding scrapbook set includes 20 - 12" x 12" 80lb scrapbook pages, 8 matching layered wedding scrapbook stickers, 2 package of matching rub-ons and 1 package of matching ribbons.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The perfect party favor for when the girls get together

Butterfly Wild Flower Gift Baskets (set of 12)
Are you planning the next get together for your gardening club? Maybe your hosting a baby shower or wedding shower. If so these beautiful little butterfly gardens are the perfect party favor. These are so cute an adorable that everyone will want one. Each individual butterfly comes with grass and a wild flower seed pack. They are sold in dozen packs and come in pink, yellow, and purple. These would even be great to give out at older girls birthday parties. I know that my ten year old loves to grow flowers. This may even been a special thing for children to grow for their mother's for a beautiful Mother's Day gift. They are inexpensive enough that you could easily buy these for a class room or Sunday school. You could even use them to make your own beautiful window garden. Each of these beautiful butterflies measures 2 1/8 inch by 7/8 inch.

Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Treasure Hunter PiƱata Party
If you are planning on having a pirate themed birthday party then this treasure hunters pinata party pack is a must have. With this pinata party pack you can make it fun and interesting game for the kids. You can plan a scavenger hunt for each one of the kids to find their very own treasure chest. Then after they have all found their chest you can have them take turns trying to break open the pinata. Give them a birthday party that they will not soon forget. Remember birthday parties are a very important event for children. You want to make it something special. You can get a cake shaped like a ship with some pirates. Then for additional party favors you can get little eye patches and candy coins. Some decoration ideas: purchase little sword shaped tooth picks to place in the hot dogs or sandwiches, ship print plates and cups, black streamers and yellow balloons.

Beautiful Beaded Lampshade Tealight Candle Lamp


This is a beautiful beaded lampshade with a gorgeous base that holds tealight candles. This lamp sets off a soft romantic light. You can use any type of tealight candle in this lamp. If you are looking for a beautiful lamp for your living room, study, or bedroom, then this is the lamp for you. It will compliment greens, burgundy, gold, and black. You can use it as a focal point or as a beautiful accent piece.

Baby Scrapbook

Baby Mini Album Scrapbook
If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new mother or a grandmother than this beautiful mini baby scrapbook is perfect. You can give it as a gift just the way it is or create a beautiful brag book. With this Baby Mini Album you can personalize 12 individual pages. It comes with 2 sticker sheets, 1 ribbon and 1 foam adhesive sheet; all you need to add is your photos.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Color Psychology And Decorating Tips

Color Matters - Symbolism and Emotions

Color Psychology - Do different colors affect your mood?

Meaning and power of colors. Color Therapy, HolisticOnLine

Decorating Secrets - Color

I read the above articles because I have recently purchased a new house and will be redecorating. I wanted to get some insight on how colors will affect my family. I want to find something that will be cheerful, bright, and energizing. I also want it to be a calm supportive environment. The articles that I read are very insightful on how colors actually affect people. Colors can be comforting and they also can make your have conflicting emotions. I believe that this is an important aspect to consider when you are looking at decorating, art projects, and many other things. Each person may get a different feeling from the same color. This is influenced by not only the psychological affects of the color but also their cultural associations with the color.

With a little research I have found some insight on how some colors are believed to affect our mood. The following colors are said to have the below affects according to Color Psychology.

Black is a color of authority and power yet it also implies submission. It is timeless and stylish. When you are decorating you definitely want to use black in moderation. To much is oppressive, yet it can also be elegant and makes a great accent. If you are considering decorating with black you will want to look at balancing it out with white, yellow, gold or another bright color.

White is suppose to symbolize innocence, purity and sterility. White is also recognized as a summer color. It is great to use to accent other darker tones. White is often the color of choice for every room. If you like white but don't like how bright it appears try an antique white, cream white, or off white. Then spruce it up with some bright vivid colors.

Grey and silver provoke calmness and serenity. Yet it also conveys elegance. Gray goes well with any color. If you are decorating with bright colors gray can soften the colors. Gray provokes a seriousness in people therefore it is good for dens, home offices, and as an accent in other areas of the house.

Red is an intense color and actually stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. (Wow -- remind me not to wear red) It is said that red clothing makes the wearer appear heavier and that it may not help with negotiations or confrontations. I have always heard that red cars where popular targets for the cops to pull you over, but I did not know that they where also a popular target for thieves. It also can convey warmth, youth, vitality, energy. Yet it can also improve your sense of smell and spark your appetite. It is also said that red doors invite prosperity and happiness into the house. Red is also a great accent because it can make small areas seem to glow. and is a physically stimulating color. When decorating use it as an accent wall or on furniture to attract attention. When doing craft projects Red would make a great border or background to make your project stand out.

Pink is the romantic color it symbolizes the passion of red and the purity of white. It is said to be more tranquilizing than Red. Red symbolizes love but pink symbolizes romance. Pink is a natural accent and is great to use in a bedroom or a bathroom.

Blue is the color of some of the earths most tranquil elements (the sky, the ocean, rain) and symbolizes loyalty. It causes people to produce calming chemicals and make them more productive. So this would be a great accent for bedrooms. You would not want to be overwhelmed by blue because it can cause you to feel cold and depressed. Blue is physically, emotionally, and spiritually a color that is restful. It is recommended anywhere you want to have a quiet and relaxing room. It is great for dens, family rooms, bathrooms. It needs to be balanced with warm accents such as gold and yellow.

Green, which is right now, the most popular decorating color symbolizes nature and money. It is said that it can actually improve vision. It is a calming and relaxing color. Forest green or dark green is a masculine, conservative color that implies wealth. Green is physically a restful color and mentally a revitalizing color. Green is a great decorating color, it is great for any room. Deep green provides a quiet and stable atmosphere. Blue-greens can create a restful sanctuary.

Yellow is a bright cheerful color that can cause an individual to feel optimistic and stimulate the mind. Yellow has some good and bad influences on the body. It increases concentration and speeds up metabolism, but it can also cause you to loose your temper more often. So with yellow you would want to use it as an accent when decorating and not as a main color. When your decorating, since yellow is associated with cheerfulness and optimism, it is a perfect decorating choice for north facing rooms, rooms without windows, hallways, narrow or dark rooms. It is an excellent choice to highlight furniture, collection or art. It is a great choice for the kitchen because it suggest deliciousness.

Purple symbolizes royalty, luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also a romantic color and works great as an accent. Purple is a spiritually stimulating color. It is not for everyone, but can be used in many different shades. It is a strong accent and works great in the kitchen. Lighter shades of purple can cause a calming affect in the bedroom. A grape tone can be used in the dining room to project elegance. Lavender and lilac work well in the bathroom to provide a freshness feeling.

Brown is a neutral color and light brown implies genuineness while dark brown can make a person feel sad and wistful. Brown has many different shades. Beige is a warm color that helps people feel warm. Taupe is also a warm color, both beige and taupe are understated and timeless. Brown is a great earth tone and works well with blues, yellows, oranges, and red. It is great to decorate living rooms, studies, dens, libraries, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways and entryways. It makes a great background color to be accented with brighter shades. When you do this it provides a warm and energetic feeling.

Orange is a physically revitalizing and an emotionally stimulating color. It combines the passion of red and the refreshing affect of yellow. It can stimulate your appetite, therefore it is great to decorate entry areas, dining rooms, and the kitchen.

Peach is an emotionally revitalizing color. Many decorators say that peach is the only shade that will go with any color. It is a great color to decorate the kitchen, entry ways, and any room that you want to feel comfortable and warm.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Father's Day Golf Gift Basket Idea

Does your husband or father like to golf? If so then I have the perfect idea for a Father's Day gift for him. This is a great and simple to make gift basket that he is sure to love. You will need to get a few items for making this gift basket. You can add or subtract items as you like.

  1. Wire Basket (Golf ball baskets are a good thing to use)
  2. Package of Golf Balls
  3. Golf Tee's
  4. Golf Gloves
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Green's Fee's Gift Certificate
  7. Golf Scope
  8. Golf Towel
  9. Divot Tool
  10. Shoe Brush
  11. Pen

Place your items in the basket (if needed you can use some shredded color paper); wrap in a cello gift bag and tie with a bow. Then you have the perfect golfers gift basket without spending a fortune.